Elga Eccentric Press 120 ton

  • Table size 1100mm x 800mm
  • Ram 420mm x 280mm
  • Daylight 600mm
  • Stroke 30 to 140
  • Strokes/min 50
  • Air clutch
  • Completely refurbished

5 Benefits of CNC Lathes

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery has become very popular in the manufacturing industry. One type of CNC machinery is a lathe. This automatized version of the lathe comes with many benefits. Read about the benefits of CNC lathes below:


All about welding rotators

Welding rotators are a useful piece of equipment to have in welding workshops. These rotators are especially useful for sub arc, TIG and MIG welding. If you aren’t sure what welding rotators are or what they are used for, read more about them below:


All about Press Brakes

The press brake is a piece of equipment that is utilized for bending sheet metal into a variety of forms and shapes. There are many operators who pick up their skills through trial and error while on the job. Others receive formal training and are certified in their trade. But, no matter how an operator learns the trade, precision bending requires that the operator has a keen understanding in primary areas; the role of the operator, the press brake machine, and the tooling.

Advantages of buying a new machine for your business?

Regardless of a business’ size or profit margin, the decision to buy a new machine is a significant financial investment that should not be taken lightly.

This is particularly true today when technology is evolving at such a tremendous pace that it can often be difficult to keep abreast with updates. There are several reasons why purchasing new machinery can create value for your company. However, it is necessary to consider a variety of factors related to your business needs to ensure that you make the decision that is right for you.


We sell new and used machinery to the public

Is your engineering machinery making money, or are you spending the majority of your profits on paying for your machines. Equipment ownership, whether new or used, requires a business to work towards paying for it. However, there is a much more inflated cost associated with buying new, which is why you should ask yourself whether owning a new machine is worth it?


How to maintain your existing Grinders

Grinders are specialized power tools and need to be taken care of. These may be low maintenance, but they still need some upkeep to ensure longevity.

To maintain your grinder, it is important to start with inspection. Before inspecting your grinder, switch off the power supply.  This could mean unplugging it if corded, or removing the battery if cordless.


What should you keep in mind when purchasing bandsaws?

In the engineering workshop, no matter what size it is, the chances are you will need a metal cutting bandsaw. This is mainly for cutting and sizing your stock. You can, of course, on certain bandsaws produce intricate shapes for sculpting and architecture.


Why choose Machine Tool Exchange?

Machine Tool Exchange is an industry leader with over 40 years experience in buying and selling machine tools. We pride ourselves in having the ability to answer all your questions and provide solutions for your machinery needs using our industry experience.


Why used machine tools are sometimes the best choice for you

When you are operating an engineering or metal fabrication business, you need to decide where to spend your capital wisely. When you require additional machine tools or looking to replace redundant machines, there is an attraction to buying new but there are times when it makes sense for you to invest in used machine tools of good quality. There are several benefits to buying previously-owned machinery from Machine Tool Exchange.


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