As your engineering machinery making money, or are you spending the majority of your profits on paying for your machines. Equipment ownership, whether new or used, requires a business to work towards paying for it. However, there is a much more inflated cost associated with buying new, which is why you should ask yourself whether owning a new machine is worth it?

Quality used machinery will deliver the same performance as new machinery, but costs much less to buy. This assists contractors in increasing their profits and expanding their business. That’s why more often than not, buying used machinery is the best option.

It’s cheaper to buy used machinery. The price of new equipment is increasing at an alarming rate thanks to mandated changes from evolving emission regulations. Today, more than ever, the pricing gap between new and used machinery plays a big role in your purchasing decision. The financial benefits don’t end with the initial purchase. You must consider the taxes you have to pay on your purchase, the insurance and the interest charges on financial purchases.

Cash flow management: whether you want to buy a piece of equipment cash or finance it with a loan, you have to look at what the investment will mean for other areas of your business. The lower purchase price of buying used equipment means you’ll have less pressure every month to make that payment, have more financial resources to buy additional equipment or use the money you saved to invest on other resources for your business.

At Machine Tool Exchange, we are suppliers of both used and new machinery. Depending on your budget, with us you have options. Give us a call for more information.