Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery has become very popular in the manufacturing industry. One type of CNC machinery is a lathe. This automatized version of the lathe comes with many benefits. Read about the benefits of CNC lathes below:

Simple operations

Unlike manual lathes, CNC lathes are simple to use. They do not require highly skilled operators as the machinery will do the work itself. However, operators are still needed to make sure that the machine does not fail.

Faster output

Manual lathes require manpower, which means that they are much slower than CNC lathes. The technology used to power and guide CNC lathes allows for a faster output of products. These machines are perfect for industries that supply bulk products.


CNC lathes are very accurate. The advanced technology used for CNC machinery allows these machines to produce high-end products without the worry of human error. The fast output and high accuracy of the CNC lathes makes them the attractive choice for many industries.


Another benefit of CNC lathes is their cost-effectiveness. The initial purchase of the CNC lathe is costly; however, the machine makes up for this initial expensive ten times over. The set up is of a low cost, running the machinery is not inexpensive, but the output makes up for this expense, and the labour costs are much lower as fewer operators are needed.


These machines are very versatile. CNC lathes can be used to produce anything from machinery replacement parts to a simple lamp. They can also be used on a wide array of materials such as wood and metal.