All about Box and Pan Folders

Despite many advances in the machinery and tools used in shaping and forming metals over the years, box and pan folders are machines that has remained relevant and popular. There are several good reasons for that. Firstly, the box and pan folder represents the best option for those individuals and businesses who might not be able to justify investing in a press brake, may have limited space or only work with lightweight materials.

For the sheet and plate industry and crafting components for steel kitchen units, ventilation and air conditioning or refrigeration units, the box and pan folder is an important, reliable and very relevant machine.

The beams on the manual box and pan folders are weight balanced to ease the lifting of the beam thus making it easy for the operator to use this machine.

Facet (bump) bending, safe-edge folding and box/tray folding can all be done very well with a box and pan folder. They are as important a machine in workshops today as they have always been.

Perhaps the best thing we can say about the box and pan folder is this; in these days of computer numerical control and ever more advanced and automated ways of working, a walk around any college or university metalwork and fabrication department will almost definitely take you past one or two boxes and pan folders, and there is a really good reason for that. They go back to the days before automation and programming, before CAD and CNC control to the days when experience, craft and a skilled eye gave the accuracy that was needed. They’ve been around for a long time and will continue to be for many years to come.

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