Tips for the upkeep of your Milling Machine

The upkeep of your milling machine is about extending its lifespan as well as ensuring that your machine is in optimal condition at all times in order to provide accurate results with every use. The upkeep of these machines is fairly simple. Here are a few tips:

  • This may seem obviously but cleaning the shavings from your milling machine daily after use is extremely important in order to keep your machine in top condition. Unfortunately not everyone takes the trouble to do this which can result in damage to the slides on the machine. Allow a little time each day for this exercise.
  • Milling Machines should be fitted with an oil reservoir which when pumped provides oil to all the slideways on the mill.  Oil in the gearboxes and milling head should be replaced with new oil once a year.
  • Make sure that the locks on the table and slides on the machine are released before using power feeds and quick traversing.


Looking after your milling machine properly means it should give you many years of productive use.