New vs Used Milling Machines?

When considering purchasing milling machines, the question on most buyer’s mind is whether to buy new or used milling machines. There are benefits to both new and used milling machines. The final decision is up to personal preference and budget A used milling machine may require more maintenance whereas a well-maintained new milling machine should give you many years of trouble free service. Both options are completely viable.  The final choice comes down to which you think is the most cost effective to you.


The main reason for buying a used milling machine is budgetary. However, you need to be sure that the used Milling Machine you are considering is still in good working order otherwise you may end up spending more than you bargained for. When a used Milling Machine comes into stock we carry out a thorough inspection on it before attending to the repairs or refurbishment to ensure that we are offering clients a Milling Machine that’s in good working order. When looking at purchasing a used milling machine you should request a report on what has been repaired or replaced.



The biggest benefit to buying a new milling machine is that no one has worked on it before meaning that there is no wear and tear and therefore the new machine is unlikely to give you any problems as long as you provide regular lubrication to it.