Used band saw maintenance

A band saw is a woodworking tool that is used to execute cuts. As a machine, it is known for its relatively great design and features that make it easy to use. It is also known for high performance in delivering excellent results in diverse areas, making it a tool every woodworker should possess. However, beyond possessing a band saw, is having knowledge about band saw maintenance.

Band saw maintenance process is simple, but attention should be paid to it so as to ensure it is done effectively.

How to Clean and Care?

The most crucial thing to know about band saw maintenance is how to clean and take care of the band saw. It is important to know what to do and what not to do before, during and after use of the band saw. A number of steps to follow when cleaning and taking care of the band saw include:

Get Rid of Debris

In getting rid of debris from the band saw, ensure that you have its knob secured and also make sure it is not plugged to any power source. The air compressor should not be left out; you should blow off the dust from its surface. You can make use of the blower that comes with it to do this, or any other means to take the dust away from the surface.

Remove All Types of Dust

Dust and carbon dust, which is pretty harmful to respiratory health to be found in areas of the band saw. To remove this, you have to do it carefully so as not to come in contact with the blade, remember it is really sharp. So, all you need to do is to get a piece of steel wool, dip into a liquid rust remover and rub it through the surface of the band saw table.

To remove dirt and carbon dust, get a clean cloth free from any solvent whatsoever and wipe the surface of the table.

Apply Wax and Separate the Blade

Making use of wax on the band saw is a good way to maintain it. To do this, get a coat of wax, preferably car wax. Dip a clean cloth into the wax and apply it to the table gradually. When you are done waxing the table, you can go on to separate the blade.

In separating the blade, make sure to be careful and adhere to all the safety precautions provided in the band saw manual. When blades have been separated, get a liquid rust remover and a wire brush to clean the blade from every dust and rust.

Do the Cleaning

The final step here requires that you do the cleaning. With the blade already separated, this becomes very easy to do. For effective cleaning, it is advised to make use of a wire brush. Clean the wheels and the pitch and other areas of the saw and ensure all specks of dirt are taken away.

When you clean these parts, you can make use of a resin remover, spray for best results and leave it for a while before replacing the blade back to its place.