Maintenance of press brakes

An essential part of press brake maintenance is the lubrication of your press brake. 

There is a plate mounted on the press brake showing the greasing points of the machine.  There should also be a diagram in the press brake handbook. Greasing should be done on a regular basis to ensure that  your press brake is always able to work to it’s maximum capacity.

Your manual will also include other charts  for scheduled maintenance, changing hydraulic oil, replacing filters, and the like. Hydraulic oil should be drained from the tank and replaced with new oil at least once a year.
For the longevity of the press brake, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the manual for scheduled maintenance. 

The ball screws which power the backstops should be kept clean and lubricated to ensure quick operational movement and accuracy.

Machine Tool Exchange provides manuals together with our press brakes. We recommend to our customers that the manual  should be stored in the electrical panel of the machine where it is always accessible. These will be immediately available to your electrician or hydraulic technician as soon as they are called in for maintenance.

Manuals are extremely important and unfortunately are often mislaid. Replacements aren’t always easy to come by as machine designs change over the yearsElectrical drawings are essential as the panels on the press brakes are likely to be modified from time to time.