Why sell your industrial equipment to us?

Are you selling your industrial equipment and are not sure who to turn to? Here at Machine Tool Exchange, we are here to offer you great deals for your used machinery.

More than anything else, we focus on offering our clients flexibility and the benefits of personal support. Many used industrial equipment dealers offer only one type of arrangement. We want to customize each sale for each person, so that they get the terms they need—and can adjust them if circumstances change.


While our process is conveniently online, we make an effort to build relationships with clients when they’re interested in having a partner who can help them react quickly to changes in the market. We do what we can to simplify the process of changing and upgrading machinery. We are willing to come out to your facilities, meet you and have serious discussions about how we can help you meet your goals for acquiring or liquidating machinery over the next five, ten or twenty years.


Selling your industrial equipment through Machine Tool Exchange is a simple, transparent process that can be done entirely online. When you’re ready to talk about selling, our online team will guide you through the following brokerage process:


An initial assessment


To begin, we’ll need to know what piece you want to sell, and all the necessary identification information such as make, model, and year, and anything else a buyer would want to know about your manufacturing equipment for sale.


Condition photographs


Along with manufacturing information, we’ll need you to provide photographs that can confirm the condition of the piece. Depending on the type of used machinery you’re selling, we may request different angles and clear photographs of specific components that are prone to wear. High-quality photographs can always make things easier!


Floor requirements


Your floor requirements can play a large role in what’s possible. These pieces are often incredibly expensive to move, so if the piece can remain on your floor until we find a buyer to move it themselves, we can pass those savings on to you. On the other hand, if you need the piece of your floor as fast as possible, we can move it to our own showroom.