Welding rotators are a useful piece of equipment to have in welding workshops. These rotators are especially useful for sub arc, TIG and MIG welding. If you aren’t sure what welding rotators are or what they are used for, read more about them below:

What are they?

Welding rotators are large pieces of equipment used to rotate heavy cylindrical items. They make it easier for welders to perform circumferential welding jobs. These machines can be rotated in steps or they can be made to rotate at a constant steady pace. These welding rotators can also be adjusted as necessary for cylindrical items of different sizes.

What are they used for?

Boilers, barrels and pressure tanks are all items that can be welded with the assistance of a welding rotator. They allow for more accurate welding by the welder due to the quick and non-strenuous rotation of items that allows the welder to continue working without become tired. Welding rotators can also be used for other applications such as polishing.

Their benefits

A welding rotator reduces the handling of heavy items. The automatized rotator can efficiently turn the cylindrical item without the welder needing to put in much manual effort. This also reduces the need for equipment such as cranes and winches to help move the material.

Welding rotators allow for an increase productivity. These machines do not require the welder to stop for long periods of time in order to rotate the heavy equipment making the turnaround time much quicker.

They will also not tire themselves out by manually lifting heavy items, which will make them capable of achieving an enhanced quality of work.