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A Guillotine, sometimes referred to as a Shearing Machine, cuts various types of sheet metal and heavy steel sheets for fabrication.

To use it, a steel sheet is clamped into the guillotine under the top cutting beam by means of hold downs and then by pressing the foot pedal which activates the top blade, the top beam moves down to cut through the sheet. This works like a pair of scissors as it presses past the bottom blade fixed to the machine. This is known as shearing.

There are two types of Guillotines – hydraulic and mechanical, both of which perform the same task, mechanical however cuts sheet metal quicker than hydraulic but both types of Guillotines cut accurately

We have been selling our well-known Proshear Guillotines since 1996 and currently there are more than 600 working in various countries in Southern Africa. Manufactured under strict supervision, our latest models are fitted with NC controls for repetition production and come with top of the range German hydraulics and electrics, replacement parts are readily available in South Africa. These solidly-built machines are available to you at FACTORY PRICES, so you will have many years of good service at exceptionally good value.

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