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A Centre Lathe is used to manufacture cylindrical shapes. It can cut steel, bronze, brass, alluminium and plastic by simply adjusting the required speeds and feeds which are situated in the gearbox and feed box on the centre lathe.

The headstock of a centre lathe contains an arrangement of gears. These gears can be changed by means of external levers to alter the speed rotation of the chuck. The chuck is used to hold the material to be machined. Feeds can also be selected from the feed box to activate the speed on the saddle of the lathe in order to cut the length of a shaft.

Solid shafts, pipes, pins, bolts and washers are some of the items that can be machined on a centre lathe. One can engage screw cutting which provides for various pitches to be cut on a shaft. Components made on a centre lathe are used in the mining and automotive industries, for rolls mills in the steel manufacturing industry and also to machine components for machine tools including lathes, milling machines, eccentric presses, ironworkers, rolls for fabrication, boring mills, drilling machines and more. Some of the large centre lathes used in the ship building industry can carry extremely heavy shafts for machining.

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