Right Quality, Right Price

Right Quality, Right Price

What is Right Quality, Right Price?

It is simply your assurance that the machine you are buying is of the high quality you expect, and that we or our partners are charging a fair price for it and the guarantee that comes with it. It also means you can inspect the machine and put our claim to the test.

If you are looking for a new or refurbished machine, or if you wish to sell off your redundant machines, submit your details via the “Contact Us” form or give us a call.

RQRP is our assurance of the following:

  • Our reputation and good standing over decades invested in a machine that will give you good service for years.
  • High quality machines, from both Europe and China made for South African conditions
  • Warranties from 6 to 12 months and excellent service to back them up. We can afford to give you the service you deserve because we have charged a fair price for a good machine and have fewer breakdowns to attend to.

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The RQRP initiative is lead by a group of machine tool dealers who import machines both from Europe and China and maintain a steadfast commitment to quality and reputation in the face of cheap imports and continued price erosion. There is only one way machine prices drop to below cost and its not volume or preferential trade agreements “ simply put, they are of a poor quality and we can easily demonstrate this to you so you can make an informed, safe decision on your purchase.

Over the years, the quality of goods manufactured in China has improved greatly in terms of quality. To illustrate this simply “ many commodities are designed in Europe or the USA and then manufactured in China. That expensive and beautifully made phone you might have is an example of this. Machine tool dealers who have long histories and good reputations have been buying machines they have helped design and improve, from factories in China for decades. These dealers work hard to keep their local reputations intact with good, high quality machinery and after sales service.

Remember “ if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Always compare specifications (net weight is a good indication) and prices or better yet, view the machine in person. Then ask yourself:

˜Does price matter more than quality to me?

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