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New Punch Shear Croppers

  • Manual Cropping Machines

    Manual Shears – various sizes

    Various sizes available.

  • New Iron Worker

    Mechanical Punch Shear Cropper 36 ton

    Angle Iron : 75 x 75 x 8mm
    Round Bar : 30mm
    Square Bar : 20mm
    Flat Bar : 100 x 10mm
    Punching: 22 x 8mm

  • Punch Shear Cropper

    ProCut Punch Shear Cropper 45 ton

    Punching 22mm in 15mm mild steel
    Notching 8mm
    Shearing flat bar 200mm x 12mm
    90 degree angle shearing 100mm x 100mm x 10mm
    45 degree angle shearing 70mm x 70mm x 6mm
    Round bar and square bar 30/30
    Throat depth 175mm
    Weight 1100kg
  • Iron Workers

    ProCut Punch Shear Cropper 90 ton

    • Double piston
    • Punching 30mm in 20mm mild steel
    • Notching 12mm
    • Shearing 330mm x 20mm
    • 90 degree angle shearing 140mm x 14mm
    • 45 degree angle shearing 70mm x 10mm
    • Round bar and square bar 50/50
    • Press brake top and bottom tooling 300mm
    • Throat depth 355mm
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