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New Drilling Machines

A Pedestal Drill which is also known as a Pillar Drill can be a floor mounted or a bench mounted machine. At the bottom of the machine column is a base which can be bolted to the floor or bench.

A geared or pulley-drive head with a quill which accommodates various drill bit sizes is mounted at the top end of the column and a table is fitted to the column between the base and the head for the workpiece to be placed on. The table can be moved up and down the column depending on the height required for the specific workpiece under the quill.

A Pedestal Drill with power feeds will have a range of speeds and feeds for the purpose of drilling through different types of materials such as steel, brass and aluminium.

  • Prodrill_Pedestal_Drill_Z5025_B

    Prodrill Z5025 Pedestal Drill

    • Maximum drilling capacity 28mm
    • Maximum tapping capacity M18
    • Table size 380mm x 380mm
    • Spindle centre to column surface 250mm
    • Spindle travel 130mm
    • Spindle centre to column surface 275mm
    • Column diameter 100mm
    • 12 Spindle steps -75 to 3200 rpm
    • Motor 0.85/1.1 Kw
  • pedestal drill

    Prodrill Z5030 Pedestal Drill

    • Drilling capacity 32mm
    • Table size 540 x 470mm
    • 3 Morse taper
    • Spindle travel 130mm
    • 6 Steps -  75/1600 r/min
    • Spindle nose to base 1180mm
    • Spindle centre to column surface 275mm
    • Motor 1.1Kw
    • Net weight 320kg
  • pedestal drill

    Prodrill Z5035 Pedestal Drill

    • Maximum drilling capacity 35mm
    • Maximum tapping capacity M24
    • Table size 500mm x 380mm
    • Feeds 0.1mm, 0.18m, 0.26mm/ rev
    • Spindle centre to column surface 320mm
    • Spindle nose to base 1140mm
    • Column diameter 125mm
    • 4 morse taper
    • Spindle travel 120mm
    • 12 Spindle steps – 75 to 3200 rpm
    • Machine vice included
    • Automatic feed
    • Coolant pump
    • Motor 1.5Kw
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